White House Denies Democrats’ Call for Details on Talks Between Trump and Putin

김동수 / 기사승인 : 2019-09-24 15:19:57
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[스페셜경제= Dongsu Kim] The White House dismissed a request from Democrats in the Congress that asked for information regarding the talks between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, according to congressional Democratic leaders on Thursday.

In a statement regarding the rejection, US Representatives Adam Schiff, Eliot Engel, and Elijah Cummings said the veto was among the administration's "troubling pattern," and that they would conduct additional measures.

“Our Committees are in receipt of the White House Counsel’s letter, which continues a troubling pattern by the Trump Administration of rejecting legitimate and necessary congressional oversight with no regard for precedent or the constitution,” the representatives said, as per a Reuters report, adding that they will consult on the appropriate following actions.

Reports from The Hill newspaper and broadcaster CNN said the White House has delivered their denial through a letter addressed to Congress.

Cummings, Engel, and Shiff—chairmen of the House of Representatives Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight committees, respectively—requested in early March to obtain documents and interviews regarding Trump's talks with Putin from the White House as well as from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The chairmen voiced out their worries concerning media reports of Trump seizing notes on at least one meeting with his Russian counterpart and attempted to eliminate records about said conservations.

Reuters reported White House counsel Pat Cipollone saying in a statement that a president's negotiations with other world leaders were confidential and are protected by executive privilege.

“The president must be free to engage in discussions with foreign leaders without fear that those communications will be disclosed and used as fodder for partisan political purposes,” Cipollone stated in a letter addressed to the Congressional leaders, as per a report on The Hill.

The committee chairmen's request for information about talks with Putin came after the House Judiciary Committee demanded information from a "who's who" of Trump's circle; with interest on 81 people, government agencies, and other organizations in a probe of possible obstruction of justice or abuse of authority.


백악관, 트럼프-푸틴 회담 문서 내용 요청 거부

[스페셜경제= 김동수 기자] 백악관이 도널드 트럼프 미국 대통령과 블라디미르 푸틴 러시아 대통령 간의 회담에 대한 정보를 요청해 온 의회 민주당 의원들의 요청을 일축했다.

애덤 쉬프, 엘리엇 엥겔, 엘리야 커밍스 미 하원의원은 성명에서 거부권은 행정부의 '고충처리 패턴' 중 하나라며 추가 조치를 취할 것이라고 밝혔다.

커밍스, 엥겔, 쉬프 하원 정보위 위원장 등은 각각 마이크 폼페오 국무장관은 물론 백악관에서 푸틴 대통령과의 회담과 관련한 문서와 인터뷰를 요청했다.

의장단은 트럼프 대통령이 러시아와의 최소 한 차례 만남에 대해 노트를 입수했다는 언론 보도에 대해 우려를 표명하고 보수 관련 기록을 삭제하려 했다.

로이터통신은 팻 시폴론 백악관 대변인이 성명을 통해 대통령의 다른 세계 정상들과의 협상은 기밀이며 행정적 특권의 보호를 받고 있다고 말했다고 보도했다.

시폴로네는 더 힐에 관한 보고서에 따르면 대통령은 외국 지도자들과의 대화에 자유롭게 참여해야 한다고 밝혔다.

푸틴 대통령과의 회담에 대한 정보 요청은 하원 법사위에서 81명, 정부기관, 기타 기관에 대한 사법방해나 권한남용 가능성을 조사하기 위해 트럼프 당선인 측의 '누구냐'는 정보를 요구한 데 따른 것이다.

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